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Website Scams

Online scams are costing Australian’s millions of dollars every year. 

Website scams are where scammers create fake websites to look like known brands. They may impersonate famous people to make it look like the person is endorsing their product. They can fill their sites with fake reviews to make you feel like they can be trusted. 

Look out for:

  • Items being sold for much lower prices than other sites
  • Unusual payment methods or single payment options
  • Websites that only have positive reviews
  • Urgent action requests with links
  • Offers to earn money fast

How to avoid website scams:

  • Do your research before sending anyone money
  • Search independent reviews
  • Anything that appears too good to be true, more than likely is
  • Don’tclick on pop-ups
  • Use apps or portals rather than search engines if available
  • Keep your systems updated

Scamwatch has a Little Black Book of Scams that is a great resource. It includes information on common scams, how to spot them and how to protect yourself. You can access this for free at ACCC Little Black Book of Scams (

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