Starting 15 May 2024, AWA’s branches will now open at 10am every Wednesday as we prepare for the transition from AWA to Beyond Bank. This adjustment allows our staff to undergo essential training, ensuring continued excellence in service for our members. Thankyou for your understanding during this transition period.

Most think switching banks is hard but it's as easy as changing electric providers.

In fact, most people who come see us find that they can! Also, we only recommend you join us if it saves you money. This makes checking a free hit.


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Getting a loan that suits your life is easy

  • 1Get in touch It starts with you. Contact us to arrange a chat or apply with the online form.
  • 2Get clarity We analyse your financial opportunities.
  • 3Save money We set you up and get you back to living!


Fast, easy application.


How to quickly check your loan

To identify the 'true cost' of your loan, you need to look at the comparison rate, which takes into account any ascertainable fees and charges. If the interest rate is low but the comparison rate is high, there is more at work with the product.  It's also important to consider all the features and benefits of the loan.

Compare today and save!

Home Loan Interest Rate

  • 6.14% PA*
    New Loan Rate
  • 6.14% PA*
    Comparison Rate

*Interest rate based on Owner Occupied Variable Rate home loan with an LVR <60%. See here for full list of current interest rates. For new loans only.

  • Low interest rate
  • No ongoing fees
  • Free redraw facility
  • 100% offset account available

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