Loan Protection & Mortgage Protection Insurance

There are all sorts of reasons you might want to borrow money. It could be for a new house, a new car, a boat or for a much needed holiday. Even though repaying the loan is a significant medium or long-term commitment, it’s one you’ll have weighed up and are ready for.

What you may not be so prepared for are the unforeseen events life can deal us – accidents, illness or involuntary unemployment – all of which bring pressure and uncertainty. Covering any loss of income and additional expenses they cause would be bad enough, without worrying about the burden of loan repayment as well.

Do I need this cover?
By purchasing Loan Protection or Mortgage Protection Insurance, you’ll have peace of mind that should anything happen to you – death, sickness, disability, trauma or if you lose your job involuntarily, your loan repayments will be met.

What types of covers are available?

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